L/Certified Lease Specials

Deciding between buying vs. leasing your new Lexus depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • How long you plan to drive your car – If you’re someone who wants a new car every few years, leasing is a great option. If you would rather own your car, so you can drive it for as long or short as you want, buying is a better choice.
  • How many miles you drive in a year – When you lease a car, your contract will spell out the number of miles you can drive each year before you’re charged mileage fees. If you have a long commute to and from work, or you enjoy road trips, you may prefer to buy your car. If you don’t drive long distances, leasing has a lot of perks that you’ll enjoy.
  • How much do you want to spend per month – Lease payments are usually less than finance payments because you’re charged only for the depreciation value of the vehicle over the length of your lease term.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing comes with many perks. First and foremost, you get to drive a brand new car every 1-3 years. A new Lexus comes equipped with the latest technology, entertainment, connectivity, and body styles. Other benefits of leasing include less maintenance and repair costs since your vehicle is under warranty, and of course, it’s new. Finally, Lexus offers flexible payment options for your lease, which already costs significantly less than buying. You can prepay lease payments up front to save on the costs of your monthly payments, and you may be eligible for incentives and special offers that are unique to Lexus leases.

End of Lease Options

Are you wondering what happens when you turn in your lease? At the end of your lease, you have decisions to make:

  1. Get into another lease agreement. If leasing worked well for you the first time around, you can choose to lease another Lexus vehicle or the same model you’re already in.
  2. Buy your leased car. If you don’t want to turn in your Lexus, you’re lease agreement typically allows you to buy your car at the end of your lease.
  3. Trade-in your lease and walk away. When your lease is over, you can simply turn in the keys and walk away, after paying any fees incurred over your lease term.

  • New 2019 Lexus NX 300h Base

    New 2019 Lexus NX 300h Base

    FINAL PRICE: $43,312* OFFER AMOUNT $500 LEXUS CASH Select 2019 Lexus NX 300h
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    1Lexus Cash only applicable to cash transaction. Offers may not be combined. Manufacturer incentive valid in combination with lease or finance program through your dealer and Lexus Financial Services (LFS) upon approved credit. Not all customers will qualify. See dealer for details