How Many Miles Should Tires Last?

Close up of tire tread
Tires are an expensive part of your vehicle’s maintenance, and you want them to last as long as they are safe for your car in Oakhurst. Read more about how many miles tires last for below, and contact us to set up an appointment with our service department to maintain your Lexus original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and browse our Lexus accessories for your vehicle.

What Affects Tire Life Expectancy?

The life expectancy of new Lexus tires depends on a number of factors, including driving conditions in Colts Neck, the Lexus tire accessories you use, and how often your Lexus is serviced.

  • Driving habits: Drivers with an affinity for taking fast turns and racing up long stretches of roads will find that the added friction to their tires wears them down faster than those who gradually lead their cars into stopping and accelerating.
  • Terrain: Cities and areas around Holmdel that have steep inclines, uneven roads, or unfinished roads affect a tires longevity by wearing down its tread quicker.
  • Drivetrain: Tires on front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive vehicles will wear differently because of the point of acceleration on the car.
  • Type of tire: All-season tires last longer due to their extra durability and rolling resistance.
  • Tread rating: The tread on a tire wears naturally over time. Rotating your tires can help them wear more evenly.

Tips For To Make Your Lexus OEM Tires Last Longer

To extend the life of your new Lexus tires, it’s important to get regular maintenance and to check them for wear.

  • Rotate your tires: Rotating your tires will help them wear evenly, allowing your vehicle to drive smoother and respond better.
  • Check your tread depth: If your tread is under 4/32 of an inch, your tires need to be replaced to ensure your vehicle can still grip the road safely.
  • Check your tire pressure: Regularly checking your tires to ensure that their pressure is at an ideal level helps extend the life of your tires and maintain your car’s fuel efficiency.

Have Your Tires Tested at Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth!

The roads around Toms River will put your tires to the test, but at Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth, we’re here to help you keep your new Lexus OEM parts in top shape for top-tier performance. Our service specials and Lexus accessories can help you keep your tires in ideal shape while keeping you on a budget–you can also get additional service tips on things like car repair financing, car detailing, the color of brake fluid for when you check at home, and more!

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