What is Car Detailing?

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Have you ever asked, “What is car detailing?” Maybe you want to know how to detail a car or car detailing prices. Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth can help. Exterior and Interior car detailing deep-cleans and restores your vehicle. Exterior car detailing includes comprehensive exterior work like removing blemishes and scratches from your vehicle’s paint while interior detailing includes cleaning all cabin surfaces. Read this guide on car detailing from Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth in Oakhurst, and if you want to schedule a car detailing or Lexus service, contact us

Exterior and Interior Car Detailing Supplies

If you want to take the DIY approach and want to know how to detail a car, start by gathering the following supplies:

  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Variety of small paint brushes
  • Canned air
  • Carpet stain cleaner
  • Car-safe cleaner
  • Washing mitts
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Window cleaner
  • Surface protector for vinyl and leather surfaces

How to Detail a Car: Exterior Car Detailing

Now that you have all the supplies you’ll need, to learn how to detail a car’s exterior, follow these steps. Soon you’ll be turning the heads of other Colts Neck drivers.

  • Wash the exterior: Using the microfiber cloths, clean the vehicle’s exterior with water and a gentle washing solution. Avoid using cleaning solutions like household detergents, which can strip the wax from your car’s surface. Be careful to swap out cleaning clothes often because dirt or debris on dirty cloths might scratch your vehicle’s paint. Once your vehicle is clean, dry it with clean microfiber towels.
  • Clean the wheels: Using the same gentle cleaning solution, thoroughly clean your car’s rims and hubcaps. Use some small brushes to clean the dirt from the grooves and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wax the exterior: Once the exterior is clean, wax your vehicle. Car wax helps protect your car’s paint from scratches and helps prevent fading, discoloring, and oxidation caused by sun damage. Make sure you wipe off all excess wax from your car before heading out onto Holmdel roads.

How to Detail a Car: Interior Car Detailing

Follow these steps to properly do interior car detailing:

  • Vacuum the carpet: Thoroughly vacuum the carpet, and if the carpet has stains, use a stain remover and brush to remove them.
  • Clean the door interiors: Using soap and water, clean the hard surfaces on your vehicle’s door interior. Dry it with a microfiber cloth. Then, open your car doors and use a cloth or brush to clean the metal and plastic door jambs.
  • Wash the windows: Wash the windows and interior car mirrors with a window-cleaning solution, and dry completely to avoid streaks.
  • Clean the upholstery: First, vacuum the seats to remove any loose dirt or debris. Then, use a stain remover and cloth or brush to remove any stains. After cleaning, leave your auto doors open to allow the upholstery to air dry. This helps prevent mildew!
  • Clean the steering wheel column: Clean off the dust and stains with a cleaning solution and microfiber towel. Then, dry and apply a surface protectant.
  • Clean the dashboard and center console: Lightly spray a microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution, and clean the cracks and narrow crevices. You might also use a brush. Then allow the surfaces to dry completely.

If You Need Help With Car Detailing, Contact Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth

Now that you know more about interior car detailing and how to detail a car, if you’d rather have a professional detail your car, call the service department at Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth, near Toms River. We are always happy to help! We also have a great parts department that uses only Lexus OEM parts. Ask us about Lexus accessories, or review our service specials. Contact us today.

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